The Importance Of HTTPS Secured Websites

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With almost everyone using the internet to window-shop, shop, transact, and even learn online, there is an ever-increasing risk of innocent people becoming victims of cyberbullying. Cases of identity theft, credit card theft, and theft of sensitive information are also on the increase too, a factor that has led many people to adopt safer ways to surf online. Website owners are also encouraged/required to ditch HTTP to HTTPS connections. The ‘s’ in HTTPS makes a whole lot of difference in today’s computing and the online world many people see it as a sign of security online.
Some of the benefits of an HTTPS secured website are outlined below.

1. HTTPS Improves Security

HTTPS secured websites use encryption keys to help secure data transmitted between the web browser and the web server, thus preventing hackers from sniffing packets send from your computer. These websites use an SSL certificate that makes it possible to achieve an encrypted connection, which is mostly indicated by a green padlock on the user’s browser. In addition to online security, there are several other reasons why more and more websites are taking on this security measure.
Google and other search engines favour HTTPS secured websites more than unsecured ones. This is because HTTPS-secured sites are trusted to provide a safer web experience to users, a factor many people are concerned about today.
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2. HTTPS improves Google Rankings

According to research, at least 40% of all pages on the top pages of a google search results page are HTTPS secured. With Google looking to protect users from malicious persons and hackers, favouring secure websites means only a few unsecured sites will get higher rankings on google if any. The algorithm used to rank websites favours HTTPS sites, a reason you too should consider making the upgrade.

3. HTTPS Improves Customer/User Confidence

No one wants their credit card, banking, or private information landing in the wrong hands. Many people today are aware of the risks involved with surfing through unsecured websites. Most people will stay away from unsecured sites since they only trust sites they believe are secure. Having an HTTPS secured website, therefore, helps build customer/user confidence, as they believe you have their back. Some of these individuals will think twice before logging onto an unsecured site.
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4. HTTPS Improves Conversions

Although most users may not understand the science behind secure connections, they certainly know HTTPS sites are safer, especially when providing personal information or shopping online. Secured sites, therefore, receive more traffic and potential customers as compared to non-secured ones.
If you are looking for better ways to attract more potential customers your way, wish for higher Google rankings, and want customers to trust your brand/company, then the best way to go is to ensure your website is safe and secure. HTTPS provides the way for all these. Most people shopping online will not enter their personal or credit card details on any website unless they are certain the connection is secure. Many will look at the padlock sign on the browser before entering any information.

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